So the Semester is Over…

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…and I am not sure how I am going to continue with this blog. I want to keep it going, but I think I am going to do a new topic. I am just not sure what that is going to be. So until I figure out what I want to do I am just going to stop writing on here.


College Age People on Their Own.

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I asked 125 college age people about living on their own through Facebook. This is the information I got from them. Continue reading ‘College Age People on Their Own.’

Let me inform you.

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I decided to ask 125 college age  people (18-25) about living on their own. (Thank you Facebook.)By doing this I hope you guys as the reader can see how common it is for college age kids to live free from their parents. Continue reading ‘Let me inform you.’

Be Safe

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One of my neighbors and good friends was recently robbed. Glassboro has some problems with robberies. So I figured now is the best time to give you a few ideas on how you can make your home or apartment a safer place.

1) Always leave a light on. I know it is bad for the environment, but if you have one of those energy efficient light bulbs you should be fine.

2) Do not bring people you don’t know very well to your home.

3) If you do bring people to your home that you aren’t real close with make sure not to show them you personal things. Try and keep them in a common room such as your living room.

3) This is usually a given ,but make sure you lock your door. If you have a  dead bolt as well as a door knob lock, lock them both. My friend did not lock his  dead bolt and the intruder went and pushed through his door with his shoulder. If the dead lock was locked it would of been harder for the intruder to do so.

4) Never hide a spare key outside.

5) Also do not leave valuables laying around. Try and keep them put away and out of eye sight.

6) If you are not going to be home for a few days, have a neighbor grab your mail for you. If someone sees mail piling up they will know you aren’t home.

7) If you have a sliding glass door, put a pole or piece of wood on the track. This will stop invaders if they get past your lock.

8 ) Communicate with your neighbors, if you are a victim of theft let them know, or even if you see something suspicious share it with your neighbors.

9) Most importantly if you see someone suspicious breaking an entering into someone’s apartment or car call the police.

Beer & a Bagel’s Guide to Glassboro and Beyond.

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Here is my guide to Glassboro and Beyond. This is a great map to get aquatinted with some places that college students would find interesting. Definitely a must see for any new Rowan Student.

Continue reading ‘Beer & a Bagel’s Guide to Glassboro and Beyond.’

Now I know..

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When I first moved out here I had no idea about the area, and I missed out on a lot of great things. Now I know where they are, from liquor stores to great places to get food. I decided to share them with my readers and future Rowan students. So check out Beer and a Bagels Guide to Glassboro and Beyond.

Not my pizza too…

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I ordered Papa John’s on Saturday, I was very excited. A few minutes later I received a call from Papa John’s telling me that they couldn’t deliver my pizza. I asked why, and they told me their driver got mugged or almost got mugged (Not real sure how you would almost get mugged.) and was waiting for the police.

So I drove to get my pizza, the good thing was I got discounted price and free cheesy bread because some people did not feel like picking their pizza up.  I figure this story goes well with the whole crime is plentiful in Glassboro so lock your doors theme.